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Wed. by SOUVENIR  |  the backstory

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If SOUVENIR were a wedding, what would it be? How would it look, feel, taste, sound and smell? These are the questions we posed to ourselves when dreaming up our first ever wedding concept. This show comes from a personal, pure and curious place. We've challenged ourselves to create a fresh, focused and inspired vision in an area that we feel can be, often times, overwhelming homogenous and distant from our own style. 

Regardless of whether or not you choose to get married, or believe in marriage in the first place (full disclosure - we not only support you but likely share your sentiments!) - weddings present an opportunity for infinite creative (and emotional) potential. We've decided to embrace the core of what a wedding could be - a beautiful, thoughtfully designed and highly personal life event - and use that as a platform to create ideas that we can be excited about. Ideas that still feel like SOUVENIR - in wedding form.

  The new Union Collection from Attic Gold making its debut at Wed. by SOUVENIR. Photo by Lauren Kolyn c/o Attic.

The new Union Collection from Attic Gold making its debut at Wed. by SOUVENIR. Photo by Lauren Kolyn c/o Attic.

We are proudly featuring the work of fellow likeminded creatives and designers, carefully selected to encapsulate wedding ideas that truly represent SOUVENIR. Understanted and thoughtfully designed stationary that sets the tone. Photography from poetic and soulful artists who find love and beauty in the hidden moments as they are, rather than manufacturing them. Florals that feel as fresh as they look. Modern yet timeless rings from designers who place precedent on the care versus the carat. Styling and favour ideas that consider the couple as much as their beloved guests. Gifts that you'd be thrilled to give or to receive. A registry that allows you to select meaningfully made items that you'll enjoy and treasure with your partner for years to come. 


Thoughtful, unexpected. Inspired, inclusive. Modern, moving, joyful.

This is what weddings can be. This is Wed. by SOUVENIR.

Join us.


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Florals by Timberlost/Solidago

Photography by Lauren Kolyn & Kimon Kaketsis

Invitations & Stationary by Foliage Paper & SOUVENIR Studios

Bands & Engagement Rings from the new UNION Collection by Attic Gold & new Ceremonial Collection from Foe & Dear

Bridal Robes & Loungewear by Soft Focus & Ware

Handmade Bon Bons from Golden Ticket Candy

  Photography by Kimon Kaketsis

Photography by Kimon Kaketsis