SHORE : Ink Tests by The Toronto Ink Company

June 10th - June 29th, 2016


Using handmade inks and experimental ingredients, this series of works on paper explores meeting points. Land and sea, water and suspended particles, surface and depth, botanical and chemical, accidental and controlled. Ingredients range from the natural to the industrial including gypsum, tree gum, casein, rust, grape vine ashes, copper oxidization, wine, wood dust, stinging nettle and shellac.

This exhibition features over 100 original paintings from artist, creative director and Toronto Ink Company founder Jason Logan.

** UPDATE - We are thrilled to announce that the remaining pieces from this collection of 100 originals will be available via our online shop, coming soon Summer/Fall 2016. In the meantime, if you are in the Toronto area, please feel free to visit our shop to view and purchase any of the remaining pieces. 


The Toronto Ink Company was founded 3 years ago by Jason Logan as a
collaborative, citizen-science experiment to make urban ink, using locally-sourced, street harvested pigments, and to experiment with distilling stories and ideas. Wherever possible, we use materials with an sensitivity to place and environmental impact.

These are not just eco-friendly, stationary-supply-store inks. We fuse wild grape vine ash, lichen, and tobacco with local tree gums. We blend fluorescing mining pigments with marble dust and copper rust. Toronto Ink Company inks have been tested and used by artists, illustrators, and experimenters around the world from Berlin, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Japan to a National Geographic icebreaker in the Arctic. The artist’s quality inks are sold a select retailers in Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York. Our most recent project was creating a pallet based on the plant and human made materials of the Railpath for the Derail and Doors Open Toronto.


Jason Logan is an internationally recognized designer, Creative Director, author, and artist. His work appears regularly in the New York Times and his fine art has been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and the Yukon. He has been recognized by the American Institute for Graphic Arts, The Society of Publication Designers and the Canada Council for the Arts. His books have been translated into multiple languages. In 2015 Logan was named an Agent of Change by The Centre for Social Innovation for his “Toronto Needs a Creative Director” campaign.