SHELF SERVICE  |  Interior Surface Styling

Introducing - SOUVENIR SHELF SERVICE - personalized interior surface styling. SOUVENIR brings its signature style and product mix directly to you, in your own home.

Your objects tell your story, giving life and depth to your space. Shelving units, coffee tables, fireplace mantels and other surfaces become the foundations for beautiful, conversational displays for your most treasured pieces, adding polish and personality to your home.  

With a fresh eye and considered viewpoint, we’ll curate and style these finishing touches in your home, seamlessly integrating your previous favourites with well edited new additions from our collection to bring it all together.

Packages available for small and larger scale styling projects, residential and commercial spaces, as well as seasonal styling.


  • In person, phone or e-consult

  • Concept Development, including: Mood Board, Colour Story, Materiality Exploration

  • Space & Requirements Review w/ Dimensions

  • Product Sourcing & Selection

  • At Home Delivery & Product Return of any unselected items to SOUVENIR

  • Placement and styling of specified area(s), incorporating new SOUVENIR items with client’s existing items (if applicable)

For package details & pricing, call 647-350-1232 or email Danielle at, subject line : SHELF SERVICE.


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SOUVENIR serves as the design studio for shop owner and creative director Danielle Suppa.

Danielle is a designer, creative director and consultant, working on a variety of client projects and as well as all of the concepts and products under the in-house SOUVENIR brand.

Other design & creative services include brand development, creative direction, graphic design, print & surface design, stationery design, product design and more.

For more information and to view Danielle's work, please visit or email



SOUVENIR offers rentals of select products available in store, as well as access to our private collection of ceramics, glass and props, for commercial projects, private events and photoshoots.

For more details, email Danielle at with your project details, or drop by the shop for more details.

Looking to source items for your upcoming project? Drop us a line.

Photos by Lauren Kolyn