ONLINE SHOP | Coming Soon - 2018

Our College Street shop and studio carries a constantly evolving range of products, including: ceramics, home goods, jewellery, accessories, leather goods, textiles, perfumes, candles, skin + body care, stationery, art, books as well as a rotating roster of vintage home goods, rugs and furniture items + travel finds. Please see our Brands list below for further details.



SOUVENIR x SOLIDAGO | 1234 College Street

A floral and botanical inspired collection of apothecary goods, scents and objects, specially curated for the floral studio of Timberlost.

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ATTIC x SOUVENIR | Attic Studio

By Appointment Only - King East Design District

New & vintage objects and jewellery related storage and displays.

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We are proud to carry a select range of items, along with exclusive and limited/special edition products, from the following designers and makers:



Akai Ceramic Studio, Toronto | Amber Stonewares, Montreal | Fanny Parent, Vancouver

Fire & Flux Studios, Oakville Jarre, Montreal | Mikaroc, Montreal | Mima Ceramics, Toronto | 

Oscar Kwong, Toronto | Rachel Saunders, Vancouver | Talia Silva, Toronto |

Umbra Shift | Xenia Taler, Toronto | YYY Ceramics, Montreal | SOUVENIR Vintage


Home Accessories & Kitchen

All Studio, Montreal | Jarre, Montreal | G.OUD Wood, Toronto 

Mercury Bureau, Toronto | Obiekt, Montreal | Umbra Shift | SOUVENIR Vintage


Furniture + Lighting

Coolican & Company, Toronto | Innit, Toronto

Mercury Bureau, Toronto | Simon Johns, Quebec | Studio Mou, Toronto



Made by Objective, Montreal | Linen Way, Toronto | Minna, Brooklyn | Plaj Towels, Vancouver

Tavares Oriental - Imported/Vintage Rugs, Toronto


Stationery + Writing Materials

Karte Design Fabrik, Berlin | Museum Studio | Snap + Tumble Letterpress, Toronto

Taiga Press, Tillamook County | Stone & Vein, Brooklyn

Appointed, Washington | Sarah Nasby, Toronto | Marjolein Delhaas, Rotterdam

SOUVENIR Studios, Toronto | Inks by The Toronto Ink Company


Books + Magazines

DESTINATION by Studio Caroline Gomez, Bordeaux | Holiday Magazine 

Dunes, Palm Springs | With/out Pretend, Toronto


Original Art, Art Prints + Art Objects

Sagan Editions, Toronto | Floral Islands, Toronto | Kimon Kaketsis, Toronto

Lauren Kolyn, Toronto | Lauren Tamaki, Brooklyn | The Toronto Ink Company


Scent Bar - Personal & Home Fragrance

Les Lares, Montreal | Libertine Fragrance, Edmonton | Reassembly, Vancouver

Brennan Michael, Toronto | Crosby, Portland | MAAPS Incense, Los Angeles

Province Apothecary, Toronto | Woodlot, Vancouver



Artifact Skin Co, Toronto | F. Miller, Toronto | Kunye, Vancouver

Reassembly, Vancouver | Wildcraft, Toronto | Woodlot, Vancouver

Charlotte & Castel, Midland | Binu Binu Soap House, Toronto



Attic, Toronto | Cadette, Toronto | Caro Sanchez, Toronto  |  DM Nowlan, Toronto

Eny Lee Parker, Savannah | Erica Leal, Vancouver | Foe & Dear, Vancouver  |  

Machete, Atlanta | Wylden, Vancouver


Accessories + Clothing

Aunt Rae, Toronto | Spare Label, Toronto

Contour & Co, Toronto | Corey Moranis, Toronto

M.James Ties, Toronto | Rachelle Letain, Hamilton

Fform, Toronto | Horses Atelier, Toronto | Kotn, Toronto | Soft Focus, Toronto | Ware, Toronto

Fortnight Swim (Seasonal - Spring/Summer)

TSU, Toronto (Seasonal - Fall/Winter)


Plants + Florals

Available on a seasonal basis or by request

Plant & Floral Partners - Urban Gardener | Timberlost