An Art Exhibition by Lauren Wilson

March 10 - April 1, 2016


The universe takes what it wants, folds it back into itself, into its deep dark matter. Its clandestine face shines as brightly as its undisguised one. My two subjects in this show, Moons + Flowers, are part of this mysterious cycle. The beginning of the universe and the first time a plant species evolved into becoming a flower still baffles us. 
And yet we keep searching.  We are inherently fascinated by the unknown, the dark spaces between ourselves and the cosmos. My moons, my many moons originated from a period of looking to the universe for answers. As I painted them, as I let the whirlpools of light and tones collide, I felt closer to the matter that once consumed me, to the one I loved and lost. 
My flowers are my living ghosts, clasped between my hands, transient beauty. With an emphasis on their individual structure and stems, my arrangements aim to reconcile the tension between nostalgia and the present, between life and death.
Both my Moons + Flowers are a result of my sacred wonderment. Mediums which, through interpretation, allowed me to accept the mystery, immortalize the past and make the future my own. 
Dedicated to my beloved father, Alan Wilson, 1946-2015. 


Lauren Wilson of Timberlost Designs is a florist and visual artist based in Toronto. She is also the co-founder of Wild Altar, a plant based art direction company formed with artist Madison van Rijn. Lauren is particularly interested in the relationship between art and florals and this theme forms the backbone of her work in both fields.

This is the most extensive public exhibition of her original works to date to combine her two preferred mediums - watercolours and florals.

Photos of the artist and her original works by Kimon Kaketsis