SOUVENIR is proud to have an ongoing collection of original works from The Toronto Ink Company available on a regular basis. Visit the shop to see our current collection, or inquire at


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Due to the unique nature of each piece and quantity of work available, please visit the shop and ask to see the collection in person. A catalogue of our currently available large scale (24" and 30") pieces is available by request.



FOUNDED BY JASON LOGAN in 2014, The Toronto Ink Company is a collaborative, citizen science project that harvests and distills colour from build, wild and hybrid landscapes. The Toronto Ink Company works on all scales from bottled pigments and ink tests to collaborative projects with poets, artists, designers, filmmakers and architects.

THE INKS are street-harvested, hand-made, sensitive to place and ecology, and vary according to soil and season. They have been tests by artists, illustrators, and experimenters around the world from Berlin, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Japan, to a National Geographic icebreaker in the Arctic.

THE INKTESTS are a visual record of the possibilities and interactions of living pigments and point to potential avenues for further material research. Each ink test has been stabilized with a casein fixative, creating a living archive which may crystallize, oxidize or change colour over time.