TULUM by Lauren Kolyn

June 10th - June 29th, 2016


This exhibit is a selection of photographs from the artist’s travels to Tulum. Depicted are scenes and sights of daily life that are often overlooked by popular attractions. For the artist, it’s through the observation of daily rituals and paths less travelled that provide us with a richer understanding of a place and its pulse. The artist continually encourages both herself and her audience to find appreciation and beauty in the seemingly mundane.

All photographs were taken in Tulum, Mexico in March 2015 and are part of a limited edition collection.



Lauren Kolyn is a photographer based in Montréal and Toronto, Canada. Her work is influenced by natural and human landscapes and focuses on the relationship between people and place. Slightly voyeuristic in her approach, Lauren’s photographs demonstrate her fascination with the intersection of human behaviour and [physical] space and explores the intimate connections between them.

For more information, inquiries or commissions, please visit: www.laurenkolyn.com