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Studio Cosette (French for ‘little thing’) is a line of delicate, effortless jewellery for the modern woman.

All Studio Cosette jewelry is crafted by hand, using traditional techniques and long lasting, solid materials (sterling silver, 10k and 14k gold), intended for everyday wear and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Established in Toronto in 2011, Studio Cosette is currently based in Tokyo. Creator and designer Fai Oda has always had a deep connection to jewelry her is personal, sentimental and is a relationship from one person to another. Born and raised in sunny Bangkok, Thailand, Fai now divides her time between Toronto and Tokyo. Fai will be on hand throughout the event for any client questions and custom requests.

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Friday October 19th | 12pm - 9pm (Extended Shop Hours 7 - 9pm)

Saturday October 20th | 11am - 7pm (Extended Shop Hours 6 - 7pm)