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SATURDAY, MAY 20th | 11am - 6pm

SUNDAY MAY 21st | 12pm - 5pm

Founded by Sabine Spare, a Toronto-based textile designer and artist, Spare Label aims to contribute to a carefully curated lifestyle where every object and garment tells a story. Spare Melding art and design in fresh and unexpected ways, along with employing ethical and sustainable production practices, each piece is thoughtfully made in Toronto by a person who truly loves their work.

The premier, limited edition collection, 'Igneous & Id', was inspired by rocks and the subconscious. Each piece in the collection is unlike any other. Hand-printed marbled silks and cottons showcase patterns of stone and water. Just like every person is an individual, and if you look closely every piece of rock is an individual, no two pieces in the collection are exactly the same. Biomimicry is pushed beyond aesthetics, becoming a conceptual motivation for the limited edition collection.