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Join us for the third seasonal Mama Dinner hosted by LFJ Founder Valentina McCachren - celebrating a Full Moon and all the goodness that comes with it.

This is a dinner for all mamas. Whether you are on your fertility, pregnancy or mamahood journey this gathering will be a chance to relish in the goodness to come, to celebrate your belly or to talk about the little things.

It will be an evening to help reconnect us all to where we came from, of supporting one another around a table of local food, wine, beer and sweet treats.

With a focus on the moon and all it’s awesomeness we’ll touch on the relationship between the moon and our cycles, our pregnancies and living in rhythm with our natural world as well as a general round table chat about each part of the fertility, pregnancy and mamahood journey.

DETAILS: Saturday, April 23rd | 7 to 10pm | $50 per mama

Tickets available for purchase here.

Moon watercolour by Lauren Wilson of Timberlost.